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Geico Claims Mailing Address

PO Box 9515
Fredericksburg, VA 22403-9515

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Dear :
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is the portion of the auto policy that provides coverage for medical
expenses. These medical expenses are subject to policy limits, deductibles, co-payments and any applicable medical fee schedules. Additionally, these medical expenses must be for services that are deemed medically necessary and causally related to the motor vehicle accident. With the adoption of the Automobile Cost Reduction Act of 1998, several important changes have been made in the way a claim is processed. Additional information regarding Decision Point Review/Pre-Certification can be accessed on the Internet at the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurances website at

Premier Prizm Solutions LLC has been selected by Company Name to implement its plan as required by
the Automobile Cost Reduction Act. Premier Prizm will review treatment plan requests for Decision Point
Review/Pre-Certification, perform Medical Bill Repricing and Audits of provider bills, coordinate
Independent Medical Exams and Peer Reviews, and provide Case Management Services.
If certain medically necessary services are performed without notifying Company Name or Premier Prizm, a
penalty/co-payment may be applied. Medical care rendered in the first 10 days following the covered loss or
any care received during an emergency situation is not subject to Decision Point Review/Pre-certification.
The Plan Administrator is Premier Prizm Solutions LLC.
Mailing Instructions:
All Decision Point Review, pre-certification and internal appeals-related documents are to be
submitted to:

Premier Prizm Solutions, LLC
10 East Stow Road
Suite 100
Marlton, New Jersey 08053
Phone Number: 856-596-5600
Fax Number: 856-596-6300
Email Address
All other mail is to be submitted to:
P.O.Box 9515
Fredericksburg, VA 22403
Fax Number: 516-213-1484
Submission of Treatment Plan Requests for Decision Point Review/Pre-Certification
Please bring the “Attending Provider Treatment Plan” form to your treating provider for completion. This
completed form along with any applicable medical documentation should be forwarded to Premier Prizm by
fax (856-596-6300), mail (10 East Stow Road, Suite 100 Marlton, NJ 08053), or email to This form can be accessed on Premier Prizm’s website at Any questions regarding your treatment request can be directed to Premier Prizm at 856-596-5600 during regular business hours of Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, EST except for Federally Declared Holidays.
Decision Point Review
Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 11:3-4, the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance has published standard
courses of treatment, known as Care Paths, for soft tissue injuries, collectively referred to as Identified
Injuries. Additionally, guidelines for certain diagnostic tests have been established by the New Jersey
Department of Banking and Insurance according to N.J.A.C. 11:3-4. Decision Points are intervals within the
Care Paths where treatment can be evaluated for a decision about the continuation or choice of further
treatment. At Decision Points, the eligible injured person or the health care provider must provide Premier
Prizm with information regarding further treatment the health care provider intends to provide.
In accordance with N.J.A.C. 11:3-4.5, the administration of any of the following diagnostic tests is subject to
Decision Point Review, regardless of diagnosis.
Diagnostic Tests which are subject to Decision Point Review according to N.J.A.C. 11:3-4.5

  1. Needle Electromyography (EMG)
  2. Somatosensory Evoked Potential (SSEP)
  3. Visual Evoked Potential (VEP)
  4. Brain Audio Evoked Potential (BAEP)
  5. Brain Evoked Potentials (BEP)
  6. Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV)
  7. H-Reflex Studies
  8. Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  9. Videofluroscopy
  10. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  11. Computer Assisted Tomograms (CT, CAT Scan)
  12. Dynatron/Cybex Station/Cybex Studies
  13. Sonogram/Ultrasound
  14. Brain Mapping
  15. Thermography/Thermograms
    Pursuant to N.J.A.C. 11:3-4.7, the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, Premier Prizm’s PreCertification Plan requires pre-authorization of certain treatment/diagnostic tests or services. Failure to precertify these services may result in penalties/co-payments even if services are deemed medically necessary.
    If the eligible injured person does not have an Identified Injury, your treating provider is required to obtain
    Pre-Certification of treatment, diagnostic tests, services, prescriptions, durable medical equipment or other
    potentially covered expenses as noted below:
  16. Non-emergency inpatient and outpatient hospital care
  17. Non-emergency surgical procedures
  18. Extended Care Rehabilitation Facilities
  19. Outpatient care for soft-tissue/disc injuries of the person’s neck, back and related structures not
    included within the diagnoses covered by the Care Paths.
  20. Physical, Occupational, Speech, Cognitive, Rehabilitation or other restorative therapy or therapeutic
    or body part manipulation except as provided for identified injuries in accordance with Decision
    Point Review.
  21. Outpatient psychological/psychiatric treatment/testing or other services
  22. All pain management services except as provided for identified injuries in accordance with Decision
    Point Review
  23. Home Health Care
  24. Acupuncture
  25. Durable Medical Equipment (including orthotics or prosthetics) with a cost or monthly rental in
    excess of $100.00 or rental in excess of 30 days
  26. Non-Emergency Dental Restorations
  27. Temporomandibular disorder; any oral facial syndrome
  28. Non-medical products, devices, services and activities, and associated supplies, not exclusively used
    for medical purposes or as durable medical goods, with an aggregate cost or monthly rental in excess
    of $ 100.00 or rental in excess of 30 days, including but not limited too:
    (a) Vehicles
    (b) Modifications to vehicles
    (c) Durable goods
    (d) Furnishings
    (e) Improvements or modifications to real or personal property
    (f ) Fixtures
    (g) Spa/gym memberships
    (h) Recreational activities and trips
    (i) Leisure activities and trips
    Decision Point Review Pre-Certification Process
    On behalf of Geico General Insurance Company, Premier Prizm will review all treatment plan requests and
    medical documentation submitted. A decision will be rendered within three business days of receipt of a
    completed “Attending Provider Treatment Plan” form request with supporting medical documentation. If
    additional information is requested, the decision will be rendered within three days of our receipt of the
    additional information. In the event that Geico General Insurance Company or Premier Prizm does not
    receive sufficient medical information accompanying the request for treatment, diagnostic tests or services to
    make a decision, an administrative denial will be rendered, until such information is received. If a decision is
    not rendered within three business days of receipt of an “Attending Provider Treatment Plan” form, your
    treating health care provider may render medically necessary treatment until a decision is rendered.
    Please note that the denial of Decision Point Review and Pre-certification requests on the basis of medical
    necessity shall be the determination of a physician. In the case of treatment prescribed by a dentist, the denial
    shall be by a dentist.
    Voluntary Pre-Certification
    We encourage you to participate in a voluntary pre-certification process by bringing a treatment plan request
    form to your provider or have them contact us for all services requested. Premier Prizm will utilize
    nationally accepted criteria to authorize a mutually agreeable course of treatment. In consideration for your
    participation in this voluntary pre-certification process, the bills your provider submits, when consistent with
    the agreed plan, will not be subject to review or audit as long as they are in accordance with the policy limits,
    deductibles, and any applicable PIP fee schedule. This process increases the communication between the
    patient, provider and Premier Prizm to develop a comprehensive treatment plan with the avoidance of
    unnecessary interruptions in care.
    Independent Medical Examinations
    Premier Prizm or Geico General Insurance Company may request an Independent Medical Examination. At
    times, this examination may be necessary to reach a decision in response to the treatment plan request by the
    treating provider. This examination will be scheduled with a provider in the same discipline and at a location
    reasonably convenient to the injured person. Premier Prizm will schedule the appointment for the
    examination within 7 days of the day of the receipt of the request unless otherwise agreed by the
    insured/designee to extend the timeframe. Medically necessary treatment may proceed while the examination
    is being scheduled and until the Independent Medical Examination results become available. Upon
    completion of the Independent Medical Examination, your provider will be notified of the results via fax or
    mail within three business days of the examination. A copy of the examining report is available to you, your
    designee or your treating provider upon receipt of your written request.

Premier Prizm will notify you or your designee and the treating provider of the scheduled physical or mental
examination and of the consequences for unexcused failure to appear at two or more appointments. If you,
the injured party, have two or more unexcused failures to attend the scheduled exam, notification will be
immediately sent to you or your designee, and all the providers treating you for the diagnosis (and related
diagnosis) contained in the attending physicians treatment plan form. This notification will place you on
notice that all future treatment diagnostic testing or durable medical equipment required for the diagnosis and
(related diagnosis) contained in the attending physicians treatment plan form will not be reimbursable as a
consequence for failure to comply with the plan.
Voluntary Network Services
Premier Prizm has established a network of approved vendors for diagnostic imaging studies for all MRI’s
and CAT Scans, durable medical equipment with a cost or monthly rental over $100.00, prescription drugs
and all electrodiagnostic testing, listed in N.J.A.C 11:3-4.5(b) 1-3, (unless performed in conjunction with a
needle EMG by your treating provider). If you, the injured party utilize one of the pre-approved networks,
the 30% co-payment will be waived. If any of the electrodiagnostic tests listed in N.J.A.C. 11:3-4.5(b) are
performed by the treating provider in conjunction with the needle EMG, the 30% co-payment will not apply.
In cases of prescriptions, the $10.00 co-pay of Geico General Insurance Company will be waived if
obtained from one of the pre-approved networks.
For diagnostic tests of MRI’s and CAT Scans, the approved voluntary network that can be utilized is either
Atlantic Imaging or One Call. Once a diagnostic test that is subject to pre-approval through Decision Point
Review/ Pre-Certification is authorized, a representative of Premier Prizm will contact one of the two
vendors and forward the information to them for scheduling purposes. A representative from the diagnostic
facility will contact you, the injured party and schedule the test at a time and place convenient to them.
For Durable Medical Equipment with a cost or monthly rental over $100.00, the approved networks are
Progressive Medical, Inc. Once a request for Durable Medical Equipment that is subject to pre-approval
through Decision Point Review/Pre-Certification is authorized, a representative of Premier Prizm will contact
Progressive Medical or MyMatrixx and forward the information to them. The equipment will be shipped to
the injured party from Progressive Medical, 24 hours after the request is received.

When you are in need of prescription drugs, the approved networks are MyMatrixx and Jordan Reese. A
pharmacy card will be issued that can be presented at numerous participating pharmacies. A list of
participating pharmacies will be mailed to you once the need for a prescription has been identified.
For Electrodiagnostic Testing, the approved networks are One Call and Atlantic Neurodiagnostic Group.
Once an electrodiagnostic test that is subject to pre-approval through Decision Point Review/PreCertification is authorized, a representative of Premier Prizm will contact one of vendors and forward the
information to them for scheduling purposes. A representative from the diagnostic facility will contact you,
the injured party and schedule the test at a time and place convenient to you. When Electrodiagnostic tests
are performed by your treating provider, in conjunction with a needle EMG, the 30% co-payment will not
Penalty Notification
Failure to submit request for Decision Point Review or Pre-Certification where required, or failure to submit
clinically supported findings that support the treatment, diagnostic testing, or durable medical goods
requested will result in a co-payment of 50%. This co-payment is in addition to any co-payment stated in the
insured’s policy.
If you do not utilize a network provider/facility to obtain those services, tests or equipment listed in the
voluntary utilization review program section, payment for those services rendered will result in a co-payment
of 30% (in addition to any deductible or co-payment that applies under the policy) for medically necessary
treatment, tests and equipment. Keep in mind that treatment which is not medically necessary is not
reimbursable under the terms of the policy.
Any reduction shall be applied prior to any other deductible or co-payment requirement.
Assignment of Benefits
As a condition of the assignment of benefits, you agree to comply with all procedures of the Decision Point
Review Plan, Decision Point Review and precertification requirements (collectively, “Plan”). You
also agree to initiate all Pre-certification and Decision Point Review requests as required by the Plan. In
the event you fail to comply with the conditions of the Plan, and such failure results in the imposition of a
copayment penalty, you will hold the patient harmless for such co-payment penalty insofar as you will not
seek payment from the patient for any unpaid portion of the medical services arising from such co-payment
penalty. Failure to comply with the Decision Point Review /pre-certification Plan or the requirements to
follow the Internal Appeals Process prior to filing litigation including arbitrations will void any and all prior
assignment of benefits under this policy. Should you choose to retain an attorney to handle the Internal
Appeals Process, you do so at your own expense. Additional conditions that also apply to you include:
a. Submission of disputes as defined in the Plan to the Internal Dispute Resolution Process
set forth therein.
After final determination, submission of disputes not resolved by the Internal Dispute
Resolution Process to the Personal Injury Protection Dispute Resolution Process set forth in
N.J.A.C. 11:3-5.
b. Submission of all disputes not subject to the Internal Dispute Resolution Process to the
Personal Injury Protection Dispute Resolution Process set forth in N.J.A.C 11:3-5.
c. Submission of complete and legible medical records with clinically supported findings to
support the diagnosis, the causal relationship to the motor vehicle accident and the care
d. Compliance with a request by GEICO to (i.) Submit to an examination under oath, and (ii.)
Provide GEICO with any other pertinent information/documentation requested.
e. Agreement not to pursue payment directly from the patient and to hold the patient harmless
for any denial of coverage arising from the failure to comply with the conditions established
by the Plan and under the Conditional Assignment of benefits. The Conditional
Assignment of benefits may be revoked by the assignee, and the assignee shall be entitled
to pursue payment from the patient, when benefits are not payable due to lack of coverage
and/or violation of a policy condition by the patient.
GEICO’s Conditional Assignment of Benefits is the only valid assignment of benefits. The assignee
agrees that GEICO has the right to reject, terminate or revoke the GEICO conditional Assignment of
Benefits. An assignment of benefits may require GEICO’s written consent.
Internal Appeal Process
The Internal Appeal Process shall be utilized before filing arbitration.
All appeals concerning a Decision related to a Treatment Request
Your treating provider’s disputes must be submitted to our Plan administrator for reconsideration. If a request
for medical services is not approved your treating provider can request a reconsideration by the Physician
Advisor who rendered the decision (or a designated Physician Advisor in his absence) or by Premier Prizm’s
Medical Director. Appeals are to be submitted as follows:

  1. For appeals regarding a decision related to a treatment request, notification to Premier Prizm, the Plan
    administrator needs to occur within 10 business days of the receipt of the decision in question.
    This appeal must be made in writing by fax, mail or by accessing the Internal Appeals Form on
    the web site,, at which point further documentation can be discussed
    with a physician advisor.
  2. This appeal must contain your treating provider’s signature and the reason for the appeal. The
    written dispute shall include, but not limited to, copies of all supporting documentation with reason for
    reconsideration. A telephone conference with the Physician Advisor or the Medical Director and the
    your treating provider is conducted within 10 business day of the receipt of the appeal. Premier Prizm’s
    response to the appeal will be communicated to your requesting provider in writing by fax within ten
    business days of the receipt. An Internal Appeals Form can be accessed on web site at
  3. It may be determined that an Independent Medical Examination is necessary. If this is the case, the
    appointment shall be scheduled within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of the appeal request unless the
    you agree to extend the time period. The examination shall be held in a location convenient to you with a
    health care provider of the same specialty as the treating provider.
  4. Prizm’s written response to the appeal will be communicated to the requesting provider by fax or mail
    within 10 business days of receipt of request or within 3 days following the Independent Medical Exam.

Appeals Regarding any issue other than a Decision Related to a Treatment Request.
All appeals which do not concern a decision related to a treatment request shall be submitted to Geico
General Insurance Company as follows:
Disputes must be submitted to our Plan administrator, Premier Prizm for reconsideration. Issues not related
to a request for Decision Point Review or Pre-certification can include, but are not limited to, bill review or
payment for services. This appeal must be signed by your treating provider and submitted in writing stating
the issue being disputed along with supporting documentation. Premier Prizm’s written response to this
appeal will be communicated to your requesting provider by fax or mail within 10 business days of receipt of
request. Appeals are to be submitted, in accordance with the plan as follows:
For any appeal or issue not related to a request for Decision Point Review or Pre-certification, (including but
not limited to reimbursement) a treating provider who has accepted an assignment of benefits must submit a
written request for Internal Appeals stating the issue in dispute along with supporting documentation at least
30 days prior to initiating arbitration. Should the assignee choose to retain an attorney to handle the Appeals
Process, they do so at their own expense.

  1. Written notice of the dispute and request for Appeal shall be submitted to Geico General Insurance
    Company via certified mail/ return receipt requested or via delivery mail service providing proof of
    delivery. Proof of receipt by us must be provided to Geico General Insurance Company, upon request.
  2. Geico General Insurance Company shall have 30 days from receipt notice and supporting documents or
    the statutory minimum pursuant to N.J.S.A. 39:6A-5(g), whichever is greater to resolve the dispute.
    During this time your provider shall cooperate with the investigation of the matter in question and
    negotiate in good faith with Geico General Insurance Company in an effort to resolve the dispute
  3. After 30 days, if good faith efforts of both parties fail to bring resolution to the dispute, your provider or
    assignee may proceed to arbitrate the matter. Requests for dispute resolution may include a request for
    review by a Medical Review Organization. However, if a determination of benefits coverage has not been
    made or, if we contend that we do not owe coverage under this policy or that we are not required to
    provide benefits under this policy because of a misrepresentation of a material fact made by an insured,
    you or anyone else seeking coverage and/or benefits from us, then we shall, at our sole option, have the
    right to have that dispute resolved in either the Superior Court of New Jersey or by a dispute resolution
    a. If your provider or assignee retains counsel to represent them during the Appeal process, they do so at
    their own expense. No counsel fees or any other costs incurred during the Appeal process shall be
    compensable irrespective of whether the dispute is resolved on appeal or litigated.
    b. Your provider or assignee agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Geico General Insurance Company
    for any legal fees and/or costs awarded should your provider/assignee litigate any matter prior to
    fulfilling the Dispute Resolution requirements of the policy including utilization of the Internal Appeals
    Dispute Resolution Process
    If we or any person seeking Personal Injury Protection Coverage do not agree as to the recovery of Personal
    Injury Protection Coverage under the policy, then the matter shall be submitted to dispute resolution, on the initiative of any party to the dispute, in accordance with New Jersey law or regulation. Any request for dispute resolution may include a request for review by a medical review organization. The staff at Premier Prizm remains available to you and your doctor in order to assist with the Decision Point
    Review/Pre-Certification Process.
    Should you have any questions or require any further information not available through the websites, don’t
    hesitate to contact us or Premier Prizm.
    Claims Department

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