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If you are looking for Geico Commercial Auto Insurance-Get a Free Quote, then you are at the right place. In this post, you will know the terms and conditions and factors which will affect Geico Commercial Auto Insurance. Your commercial vehicle Quote will be analyzed based on the condition and age of your vehicle, and the state in which it is running.

Types of the vehicle and its actual cost at the time of Insurance policy signing will also affect Geico Commercial Auto Insurance.

Geico Insurance is a private insurance company that provides different types of insurance to its customers. It was started in 1936 by Sr., Lillian Goodwin and his wife Leo Goodwin. Headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States it has 40,000 thousand employees.

What is Commercial Auto Insurance – Geico

Geico Commercial Auto Insurance is the insurance policy that covers the vehicles which are used for commercial purposes. If you have cars, trucks, vans, or other vehicles which you use for business purposes then this policy is for you.

Commercial Auto Insurance will cover the damage to your vehicle during work and injuries caused to the driver in any accident with the commercial vehicle.

You start your free Commercial Auto Insurance quote at Geico, it will get you the best deal for less price that will fulfill your business need. According to the size of your business, Geico will customize the policy according to that.

Coverage under Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance has higher coverage than personal auto insurance as the risk of an accident is higher so it needs more protection in case of an accident.

Geico Coverage under Commercial Auto Insurance – liabilities, collisions, comprehensive, medical payments (or personal injury protection), and uninsured motorists. 

Also in simple words, it covers the following things

  • Damage to your vehicle(s)
  • Driver injury
  • Injury to someone else
  • Damage to someone else’s property

Types of vehicles covered under Commercial Auto Insurance

Following are the types of insurance covered under Commercial Auto Insurance.

  • Cars
  • Vans
  • Pickup trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Service utility trucks
  • Food trucks

Semi-truck and tractor-trailers are not covered by Geico Commercial Auto Insurance.

How to Get the free Geico Commercial Auto Insurance Quote

Step 1 – Go to the official website of Geico or directly to the commercial auto insurance quote page –

Get the free Geico Commercial Auto Insurance Quote
Get the free Geico Commercial Auto Insurance Quote

Step 2 – You will be on the commercial auto quote page, enter the area ZIP code and Click on the Start Quote option.

Step 3 – Fill in the general information, business information, vehicle information, and driver information.

Get the free Geico Commercial Auto Insurance Quote
Get the free Geico Commercial Auto Insurance Quote

Step 4 – First enter the ZIP code and select the type of business, based on which your quote will be decided. example – trucking, service-based, etc choose from the option given on the quote form online.

Step 5 – Fill in the customer information- First name, last name, mailing address, contact number, email address, etc. then click on the continue option.

Step 6 – Likewise fill in the vehicle details and driver details and get the free quote ready online on Geico and decide whether you want to get the policy or not.


Q1 What is the commercial insurance quote customer service provider number?

You can call for service at – (866) 509-9444

Q2 Are tools and materials on your vehicle covered under commercial insurance at Geico?


Q3 Is a commercial insurance policy required?

Yes, if your vehicle is used for commercial purposes other than commuting then it is required.

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