Geico Life Insurance Quote- How to get it

You can easily get a Geico life insurance quote online or through the customer executive working with the bank. In this post, you will the details about the life insurance service provided by Geico, which is the second largest insurance company after state farms in America.

Geico Insurance is a private insurance company that provides different types of insurance to its customers. It was started in 1936 by Sr., Lillian Goodwin and his wife Leo Goodwin. Headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland, United States it has 40,000 thousand employees.

What is life insurance?

As we should understand how our life is important for us and our family members. Being social animals we thrive as a family and society and money plays an important role in keeping things going and maintaining our needs and stature. Suppose you are one who earns bread and butter for the whole family and you die – then what will happen to your family?

So to provide that financial security life insurance provided by different companies – gives you different monthly premium plans, which you pay monthly. You or your dependents will get the lumpsum amount after a certain time frame or get the lumpsum amount as you die.

This means you cover your life by paying a small amount of money regularly for a certain period of time and in return you get all the amount if you die or after the fixed timeframe.

How much does the life insurance cost on Geico?

Life insurance cost depends on many factors like which type of plan you want, your medical condition, your age, your debt or mortgage, etc.

The price depends from company to company and the amount could be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Why do you need a life insurance quote?

You need life insurance quote as the premium amount and type of insurance depends on many life circumstances like

  • The amount of debt left on you from loans and mortgages.
  • Your medical condition history report.
  • Your income level and occupation type.
  • Some personal information and medical conditions like- height, weight, blood pressure level, sugar level, etc.

How to get Geico Life Insurance Quote

Getting your life insurance quote at Geico insurance is very easy. You could get the life insurance quote by entering the zip code and clicking on the get quote option in the portal. or You could get the quote directly on your phone by talking to customer care at  (888) 532-5433.

Answer some of the questions asked on the portal and you will be the estimated amount that you will need to pay during your life insurance policy timeframe. Let’s go through the steps required to get a quote.

Geico Life Insurance Quote
Geico Life Insurance Quote

Step 1 – Visit the official life insurance page of Geico insurance which is –

Step 2 – Enter the ZIP code of your state or city and click on the “Start Quote” option.

Step 3 – The from page will open with the site address –

Step 4 – Fill the ” get the estimate form” with Gender, Weight, and height- select from yes or no (Have you used tobacco or nicotine in the last three years)

Step 5 – Tick this column if you have – I have a biological parent or sibling that was diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, or heart disease prior to the age of 60.

Step 6 – Fill out the family history page with the diagnosis they have.

Step 7 – Fill in the annual household income, Number of children, and Mortgage balance.

Step 8 – If all is well and good your estimate will be made or you will be not eligible for coverage.

What are the types of life insurance on Geico

Geico provides three types of life insurance

  • Term life
  • Whole life
  • Universal life Insurance

Term life means for a specific period of time and in it, you have provided health, finance, and hobby-related questions. Your eligibility will be checked accordingly.

Whole or Universal life insurance covers you for a lifetime as per your policy. It will help you with income replacement, by providing supplemental income, state planning, and a side cash fund.

Also, Geico commercial insurance, Geico life insurance quotes, Geico general liability insurance.


So if you are planning to have a life insurance policy then you much have it to secure your and your family’s future. Get the quote and start form today.

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